Trust and Security Makes HipHopTeez Possible

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Learn how to protect yourself in the HipHopTeez marketplace, whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Use Our Tools

HipHopTeez provides a variety of tools to help you verify that a seller is reputable. Be sure to check out a seller’s reviews, shop policies, and About page. Contact the seller by using HipHopTeez conversations (“convos”) to clarify any points of confusion. For your own protection, be sure to keep all communication on HipHopTeez.

Use Our Support System

In the unlikely event something goes wrong, use HipHopTeez’s Support System to resolve disputes, including instances where an item was not delivered or is not as described in the listing. If you are unable to come to a resolution with the seller, you may escalate the case for resolution by HipHopTeez.

High Standards

Sellers on HipHopTeez are expected to provide a high level of customer service. HipHopTeez’s teams monitor problematic behavior based on our Seller Service Level Standards. Sellers who persistently contribute to a negative buyer experience will not be allowed to sell through HipHopTeez.

We Safeguard Your Account Information

[su_box title=”Our Customer Service Team and Outstanding Quality Products”]We are always monitoring the site for threats and risks caused by events happening both inside and outside our community, and we strive to ensure that your information stays safe. If we detect fraudulent activity or that an account has been compromised, we will limit access to your account and contact you.[/su_box]